Turn Your Youtube videos
into TikTok clips.

Grow your TikTok channel with your existing YouTube videos.

You want more exposure, right? TikTok is the most popular social media platform in 2022.
Getting followers on that platform is still easy at the moment.

If you already have a Youtube channel, repurposing your existing content into TikTok clips is a great way to grow.
ClipMaker.ai uses classification algorithms to extract the chapters from your video based on your content. Each chapter will be turned into a clip.
Turn your videos into clips with AI.
Automatic captioning.
Auto schedule your clips on TikTok/Instagram.

Turn your YT videos into TikTok clips

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How it works

Upload your YT video.

Upload your YouTube video or connect your YouTube channel.

Clipmaker.ai convert your Youtube video into clips.

Clipmaker.ai converts your Youtube video into clips by extracting the chapters of your YT video using AI and turning each of them into clips based on the content.

We generate subtitles to your video.

We generate subtitles on your video, which will increase your engagement by 50%.

Choose a template.

Choose a template for your Tiktok and Instagram clips from our library.

Auto schedule to your TikTok/Instagram.

Connect your TikTok/Instagram account to ClipMaker and we will schedule your clips automatically based on your time preferences.

Turn your YT videos into TikTok clips

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Try a free video.
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